Asbestos Environmental Clean

What is an asbestos Environmental Clean?

This was summed up in a comment recorded in the minutes of a meeting of the Asbestos Liaison Group Technical Working Group, 12 June 2014. “Experience has shown that an environmental clean can be anything from a five-minute clean up using a vacuum at source to remove very minor amounts of dust through to a full enclosure with removal of widespread contamination.”

Technical Committee of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) has defined an environmental clean as "the removal of asbestos contamination consisting of loose, non-adhered dust, or friable debris which can be removed using an H class vacuum, damp rags or tak rags. If any physical force is required to remove the material, such as scraping or brushing of pipes with insulation residue on them, this does not constitute an environmental clean" (ARCA & ATAC News Spring 2011). However, this is not an officially accepted definition.

The draft version of HSG248: Asbestos: The Analysts’ Guide 2016 , which the HSE has recently put out for consultation, includes a reference to environmental cleans. Section 6.14 Environmental Cleans and Cleaning of Areas after Incidents or Damage states “Environmental Cleans” and/or clean-up of areas are necessary after asbestos disturbance incidents or asbestos (or suspect) debris/dust/material has been discovered.” The draft goes on to state licensed contractors are often involved in these “clean-ups” and Analysts will be engaged where the clean is classed as licensed work.

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